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The joy of a successful photograph was first ignited in me when my father - a gifted photographer of flowers and insects, as well as an oil and watercolor painter - taught me some of the basics. Then for many years life kept me otherwise occupied, and my photography was very limited. Fortunately a few years ago I met a very talented professional photographer and teacher, Meredith Mullins, who has inspired me to pursue my study of fine arts photography here in Paris.


I believe that my coming from a nomadic background has created filters in my approach to the art of photography, especially since I lived for several years in two countries in Asia. I am drawn to the Asian aesthetic of the asymmetric, of the spare and clean, rounded shapes of nature. Mine is a search for the natural, usually understated beauty, enhanced by a moment’s subdued light.


In addition to contributing a photo essay online on the Bonjour Paris site (“The Grandfather Greenhouse Gardens of Paris”, published on May 18, 2016), I participated in a group show held the previous year at the Galerie Monod in Paris and in every group exhibition held at the WICE members’ gallery since 2012.


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